Collector colleagues

Yesterday I presented this blog, and my painting blog ( on the Gotheborg forum. The nice en kind remarks give me a boost to continue this blog, and do the best I can. To please my ego, and to keep the memory, I’m posting the remarks they made on my blogs.

Let me be the first to say they are both nice sites. on the painting site I liked the piece with the “crated” paintings and the diorama or I think a landscape.
John N.

Dear Giel,

I just had a quick look at your ceramic blog & will read it in more detail later, I do remember a couple of pieces that you`ve posted before, well done for making the effort to do this.

All the best,

Lovely Giel, and, by the way, you have the nicest qingbai wawa bowl I’ve seen. Best regards, Alexandra

Wow! I totally love both of your sites.James

Hi Giel,

What a treat to see your fine collection together with the detailed descriptions, Walter.

Dear Giel,

Many thanks for letting us see your beautiful websites. The ceramics are especially well-presented and I’m in love with that Cizhou Jin Dyn. bowl!


Fran E.

Very well done! Congratulations.

Hi Giel

Great initiative and great sites.

Kind regards


Dear Giel,

What elegant sites. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Warm regards,


Dear Giel,


Nice blogs!

Exactly what I like in collecting: not only finding good pieces but also learning about them, and sharing with the others.

Another thing I appreciate is that you are not only describing these ceramics but also talking about their own ‘life’: what you know about their provenance, how they came into your possession and what you did with them, in particular the great restoration work on the Tang musicians on horse.

Finally, I love the pictures of your own paintings crated (my deduction as I can’t read Flamish): this is more than a simple collection of paintings, It looks like an installation work by itself.

Warm regards,


Dear Giel,

let me add my congratulations! Great blog, both on your collection and
your paintings, well presented and described. First Giovanni and
Roberta, then Arno and now you, you guys are great and doing Gotheborg
very proud! I’m impressed!

Kind regards,


Dear Giel,

Thanks for posting your collection. An interesting and very well
chosen assortment. Your painting are great. The dictator painting are

Best Regards,


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