Qijia culture cup

This is a thin-walled cup from the Qijia culture. Qijia culture ceramics have been excavated from Guinan in Qinhai to upper Weishu valley in the east. Qijia culture is generally dated between 2050-1700 BC, but I,ve seen other datings, for example 2050-1900 BC

quijia1-e1549805055201.jpg This example is 13 cm high, and beautifully burnished.


Some pieces have pierced handles, or are three-handled. I have a second one in my collection, which I have doubts about its authenticity. It is a non-burnished example, and has some remains of red paint on it. The thing that raises the doubts for me is the turning marks on the rim,although the other one has a similar pattern. The body does absorb water quick though, and does smell like old pottery. Anyone who has an opinion on this one is welcome to comment. In the meantime: Matthew Page confirmed the Qijia dating on this piece.

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