Song to Ming Dynasty Bowls

These bowls are the start of my collection. I discovered them in a local antique shop, and I couldn’t believe how old and pretty they were. To my surprise I could afford to buy one every now and then.

These five bowls are not of great importance or quality, but they are genuine and honest pieces. So when writing this post, it is a joy to handle them again. I believe these bowls are all Song dynasty, possibly one of them may be Yuan. Researching them appears not to be that simple, because these ordinary bowls are not documented in a lot of publications.

Bowl one is a heavy potted bowl from a reddish clay and is 17,5 cm across. The glaze is a Celadon type glaze, which has degraded over time. The inside bottom is unglazed , the outside still bears the signs of the wheel turning, it is not smoothed out.






















Bowl two is 18,2 cm across , the clay is grayish white, or is covered in a white slip. Over the body is a Celadon glaze which crazed nicely. The body is coarse, and the glaze does not cover it everywhere. It is a bowl for simple use, but has a lovely shape.






















Bowl three measures 16,5 cm across and looks like bowl one.  It is very heavy potted from a red firing clay. The Celadon glaze is degraded too. In the kiln another bowl stuck to it, and left a mark on the inside rim.






















Bowl four is a bit more delicately potted, again from a reddish clay. It measures 15 cm across, and has an unglazed rim. The glaze is more blueish, and could even be a qinbai related ware from a lesser kiln. The glaze did not craze, is thin, and show classic signs of wear over a long period.





















Bowl five is more difficult to place. It is very heavy potted from a dark-brown clay. The shape is more round and the bottom ring is quite high. The glaze is a Celadon type, and has a delicate crazing to it, and is more matt. The size is 16 cm. It is likely a Yuan/Ming period piece,possibly from the Qingyuan kilns. See the book; “The kiln specimens of ancient chinese kilns in the collection of the palace museum” Zhejiang volume 3.


_mg_1558 _mg_1557 _mg_1556




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