Qijia culture Li, or tripod.

I have three tripods or Li in my collection up to now. One is from Xiajiadian culture, another from Longshan culture. The first one I bought in 2009 from a trusted dealer. He dated it as Qijia culture.

2016-03-29 18.35.20

It is 9 cm high and the diameter is 8 cm. It is made from a brown clay, which is charred. On each side is a knob for holding it, and the rim is decorated with a rope-like design.

2016-03-29 18.36.06

The Qijia Culture lasted from the Neolithic through Bronze Age in Mongolia [ca 2050-1700 BC], particularly the upper Wei River Valley in China, where early evidence of goat-herding has been identified. That probably why some say the shape is related to a goats udder.

2016-03-29 18.36.44

The literature on the use of these vessels is scarce. The larger ones were used to put into sinters too cook food or boil fluids. The design makes it particularly efficient. These small ones are possibly used as wine vessels, or as burial ware. In the history of China the amount of bronze vessels would point to your status in society.

catalogue-nr, 01-2009

One thought on “Qijia culture Li, or tripod.

  1. hi, can u email me the contact of the dealer? i am interested in the neolithic pcs.. its beautiful 🙂
    i am from singapore.

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