Majiayao culture bowl, Majiayao phase.

This bowl is made from a orange fired pottery, and is 18 cm across.
It is painted with a black pattern, with ‘eyes’. It is to be dated ca. 3100 – 2700 bC, the Majiayao phase of the Majiayao culture. The Majiayao culturei s divided in different phases such as the Shilingxia phase 3800-3000
bC, the Majiayao phase 3100 – 2700 bC, the Banshan phase 2600 – 2300 bC and the Machang phase 2200 – 2000 bC. This bowl comes from a private NYC collection, and before that E & J Frankel. A nice reference example is in the Metropolitan Museum  L.1996.55.6 The bowl is in great condition and a striking example.

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