Neolithic pot, Yangshao culture.

I bought this pot as a bunch of shards, as a restoration project. I really like putting such a historic piece back together, and do it just. I decided for the ‘museum type’ of restoration, leaving the missing parts as blanks.


I started with these, and first I glued the fitting pieces together. Than I rolled out self-hardening white clay to the right thickness. I molded these in the right shape on the actual piece, and let it set to a leathery state. After that I pressed it gently on the hole, leaving a marking where to trim it. After trimming I let it dry some more and glued it in place. Than some filling of the seems, and some careful sanding and scraping till it was to my liking.

2015-04-22 17.03.22

Dating these unpainted pieces is not easy, but the red clay, and the shape of the piece lead me to think it is Gansu type of the Yangshao culture, 4th- 3rd millennium BC. A good match, with painting, is in the British Museum, depicted in William Watson’s Pre-Tang Ceramics of China image 56.

2015-04-22 17.03.34 This is a time of communities that are either agricultural or nomadic. In the late phase it becomes an early bronze culture, contemporary to the Shang dynasty in central China.

Collection nr. 11-2015



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