Banshan fase Yangshao jar

2016-11-03-22-37-41This jar is made of a yellowish earthenware, and is hand-formed. The Yangshao culture did not know the potters wheel in this stage. It is painted with red and black pigments. It is from the Banshan fase of the culture, and datable between 2700-2300 bC.

2016-11-03-22-37-08 It is 13,5 cm high, quite small for this type. It is burnished, and bears scrapemarks from the shaping of the piece.

2016-11-03-22-39-11 The round finish of the neck is a rolled type of rim.

2016-11-03-22-39-59 The base is flat. Similar vases can be found in the British Museum 1954,0510.2 or in the Museum Für Ostasiatische Kunst Köln.



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