Warring States cups

Some time ago I purchased these two impressed pattern pottery cups. They are small sized, 8 and 9 cm high. The material is a very thin high fired grey pottery. The outside is impressed with a cloth, The inside smeared with what looks like fingermarks. The bigger one has three small feet.

2016-03-28 12.50.44

They both have four tunnel shaped lugs. They have a high pitch tone when tapped, almost porcelain like.

2016-03-28 12.51.57

Good referance material is found in the book Heavenly Earth. Their description is Zhejiang, Jiangsu or Jianxi province, late spring and autumn or Warring States period, 6th to 4th century BC.

2016-03-28 12.52.48


2016-03-28 12.54.38

collection nrs 03-2013 and 04-2013

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