A Western Jin chicken pot

I found this pot in a Dutch auction. It was described as probably Song dynasty. It was provenanced to a Sotheby’s auction, from the Philips collection. It seemed much earlier then Song to me so I took a shot at it. I bought the original Sotheby’s catalogue, and it was in there with the same description, namely Song dynasty. The pot is quite small; it is 10 cm high, and made from a grey stoneware. The glaze is cloudy green, a Yue type of glaze. The decoration is a chicken head and tale, not functional as ewer. A checker-like pattern is impressed, and some circles. There is an old repair to the rim. After some searching I believe this ewer is to be dated to the Western Jin, because of the impressed pattern, the small size, and no handle. The early ones also have no active spout.

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