Yue ware earcup on saucer, Jin dynasty.

This is a Jin (3rd-4th century) Yue glazed dish with attached earcup. It measures 14,5 cm across, and is heavy potted. Glaze is quite glossy, with here and there a glaze crack.The clay is red burnt grey pottery. The dirt is firmly attached and the glaze has light-brown discolorations. 2015-02-18 17.16.23The earcup was used for wine and/ or food servings. Mostly made of lacquer, but represented for burial purposes in pottery. This one has the miniaturized cup attached to a saucer. 2015-02-18 17.17.20The British museum has a similar piece, but described it as six dynasties.2015-02-18 17.16.50The Ashmolean again dates its piece more traditionally as Jin. The pictures show also the underside of their piece. A good match to mine.  2015-02-18 17.20.09 2015-02-18 17.21.24

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