2016-03-24 19.44.28
This is Chinese one handled cup. It is made from a dark grey pottery and is 7 by 10 cm. On the bottom there are calcified rootmarkings there are also water marks, and signs of mould. The dirt that is still attached seems natural adhered and hard to remove. The piece is high fired and has a high pitch sound when tapped.

2016-03-24 19.45.48
It belongs most likely to the Han dynasty, maybe even earlier.


2016-03-24 19.47.05

dawenkou5 dawenkou6 collection-nr 13-2013

One thought on “Cup

  1. Hello from Canada! I really enjoy your posts and look forward to future additions. I primarily collect pre Columbian art but I am also very interested in Han dynasty pottery farm models – of which I have 3. One of these models I’m not sure of… it could be a later period or possibly modern. I have admired your Han Mill model. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and great collection. Cheers! Todd

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