Two small Hu shape Han vases

These two miniature Han dynasty vases were a gift from a dealer. I’ve never seen other ones like them. They are only 11 cm high, and 8,5 in diameter.

2016-04-01 18.54.06

They are made from a grey pottery, and they were cold painted. The bottoms show  the typical marks as seen on Han wares. They come from a rope which was used to separate the clay from the turning wheel.

2016-04-01 18.55.00

They are quite heavy potted, and release a smell when touched. These wares are typically burial wares. What the significance is of these miniature ones is, not clear to me.

2016-04-01 18.55.55

The colors used in the paint are the usual Han colors, white, and orange.(sometimes black)

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