Han dynasty kneeling figure

This is a Han dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD) pottery statue of a kneeling lady. It is 16 cm tall, and quite heavy. It is from a grey pottery,cold painted with a white slip, decorated in red and black pigments.

hanlady1 These figures are often faked, according to Anthony Allen, in his book authenticating early chinese ceramics. His book shows several figures like this. I think this one is authentic.

hanlady2 hanlady8 At first I thought it was sawn off, but there are more of these figures around in this form.

hanlady3 In the close-ups you can see a natural degrading of the white slip and the colored pigments.

hanlady5 The paint is never covering the soil. The overall shape is convincing.

hanlady6 The clay absorbs water quick, and matches the normal grey pottery from the period.

collection-nr 11-2012

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