Tang Changsha bowl

I found this bowl on a national auction site. A bit surprised to find this there, and for a very reasonable price, probably because it was wrongly described. The bowl is 15 cm across and 5 cm high,the clay burnt  bright red, a bit more unusual for this ware. The bowl is covered in a light olive-brown glaze, with four dips of dark-brown on the rim. The ‘floral’ motif is in green and brown glaze, lightly degraded but still nice. The surface is dull, and a bit sand like. On the rim is a small blob of grit, possibly from the kiln, otherwise some rough restoration. I bought this piece because it is nice addition to my more degraded shipwreck bowl, also on this blog.

2016-03-29 18.17.16

2016-03-29 18.18.16

2016-03-29 18.20.00



 collection nr. 22-2014

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