Tang Groom

I bought this Tang groom at a local auction. It is 32,5 cm. high and made from a white porous pottery and partially covered in a clear/yellowish glaze.Quite a good size, and clearly a horse groom.

 One of the reasons I had to buy it is that my great-grandfather was actually a horse groom at a farm. Other reason, it is a lovely typical Tang figure of a good size.

He has a hint of a moustache,and a lovely smile. As a lot of these figures he is restored at the neck. I think he was cleaned a bit heavily, because there are traces of it left on the soft white clay.

 There are traces of cold painting left on the clay. Some iridescence on the glaze.

 What worries me is the prices have gone up considerably these last auctions. I had to pass on some lovely pieces. The Chinese are buying even in my local auction…

collection-nr 05-2012

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