Pair of Tang glazed Attendants

This lovely pair of statues are Tang dynasty ‘Sancai’ glazed attendants. Sancai literally meaning three glazes, is a lead based glaze, mostly over a white body of clay. The more rare bleu is not apparent on these figures. There is a clear glaze, the iron-brown, and a splash of green.


These statues are rather large at 28 and 30 cm. Somewhat bigger, and more life-like than the standard type, elswhere on my site.


They are in good condition, although the heads are re-stuck on the bodies. After careful examening they show all the signs of being genuine of the period.


It is a combination of the crazing, and aging of the glaze. The white / pink-ish clay, which is porous and smells the right smell. The attachment of the dirt, some irisation in the glaze, and of course, the overall shape. One has to be very careful these days !


A very striking pair of sculptures, showing the classic Tang Dynasty form-style, and dress.




statues27a collection-nr. 06-2014

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