Sancai jar, Tang dynasty

I found this piece on a local market. You just always have to be alert. A small dealer in just about everything bought a couple of nice pieces from an old collection. To my surprise they were nice genuine early pieces. I chose this little jar with sancai glaze from the Tang dynasty (618-908) It is 7,5 cm high, and made from a light clay which turned pinkish in the kiln. This type of ‘dirty’ clay and this type of glaze points toward the Yaozhou kilns, known specificly for the celadons. Look at the typical ‘butterfly wings’ effect on the glaze. The jar possibly had a handle on it, and some of the glaze on one side flaked off.



sancai2.2sancai2.5sancai2.4 sancai2.6 collection-nr. 07-2014

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