Large Sancai glazed Tang Groom

I bought this massive 42 cm large figure on eBay. It was quite cheap, and had some small problems here and there. The head was poorly re-attached, and the feet had a bad repair.

2015-01-01 14.47.27I touched-up the repairs and started my research. I had never seen paint partially painted over the glaze.  The glaze is i.m.o. a true Tang glaze, and all parts turned out to be original. The broken feet matched the body, and the head is original. Some glaze overran the break, to prove that.

2015-01-01 14.47.56

Than I stumbled on a figure from the same mould in the book Cina a Venezia, from the Beijing National Museum. 2015-01-01 14.48.28

2014-12-12 22.46.41

The example from the book. There is the same overpainting of the glaze on the legs and neck.

2015-01-01 14.49.16

Lovely Mongolian type face, with original painted decoration.
2015-01-01 14.50.16 2015-01-01 14.51.57 2015-01-01 14.52.57Some close-ups of the glaze and overpainted area. An impressive figure in an unusual large size.

collection nr. 27-2014

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