Sancai cups Tang dynasty

These are two small ‘ritual wine cups’ from the Tang dynasty, 618-906 AD.

They are made from a white, high fired clay, which feels ‘chalky’ when touched. They have streaks of green and brown glaze over a white-yellowish slip.

The footrims are flat as seen on a lot of tang wares. These cups are hard to date, because there are a lot of good fakes around. Key is handling as much of these Tang wares as possible.

I still think it is hard to single out the fakes, so I do make mistakes. But that is all part of the learning curve. Luckey I had the opportunity to have these authenticated by a world class dealer. He just needed seconds to make his judgement, experience, experience….

 collection-nr 02-2011

Some more cups in my collection;

DSC00211 DSC00209 DSC00210 5.7 cm, collection-nr 02-2012.

2014-12-08 18.41.03

2014-12-08 18.41.23  2014-12-08 18.40.41

Collection-nr 21-2014. Possible a sancai ware from the yaozhou ovens.

2014-12-08 18.41.46 2014-12-08 18.41.57 2014-12-08 18.42.06 A white glazed cup, collection-nr- 09-2012.


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