Northern Wei figure of a foreigner

This is a Northern Wei 386-534 (to maybe early Tang dynasty, around the 8th Century), figure of 23 cm. tall, and made from a light brown clay. It is largely covered in a white slip. Other pigments have almost all disappeared, because they were cold-painted. (not fired in the kiln)

2016-03-28 18.20.08

The figure shows some cracks, but is mainly in a good condition.

2016-03-28 18.20.41

Interesting is that this figure possibly depicts a non-Chinese man. It is possibly a trader who came along the famous silk-route. He is wearing a bag, and has an intricate hair-do. It can also relate to the non-Chinese origins of the Norther-Wei

2016-03-28 18.35.44He has a prominent nose and eye-brows. His hair is braided on the back. I did not find a match yet. Although not of the highest quality, it is still a relative rare figure, and certainly interesting.

2016-03-28 18.22.31

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