Jian Bowl Song dynasty

I purchased this Jian bowl, 120mm in diameter x 52mm high. Provenance: Ex Steinberg collection. It was probably a kiln waster, but has a high quality hare’s fur glaze. There was one part missing, which I repaired with gold leaf, as are two more patches on the rim. The bowl is made from a grey stoneware, typical rough to the touch. The outside shows some spiderweb crazing. The inside has subtle crazing and subtle wear. The glaze has some gold like spots under magnification. The glaze becomes a bit matte at the rim, and shows leathery skin. I think it is a genuine Song bowl, possibly Shuji, Jianyang county, Fujian province, 11th or 12th century. Good matching pieces can be found in  Robert Mowry’s Hare’s fur, Tortoiseshell, and partridge feathers, and one in Dark Jewels, Schatzman collection.

2016-04-17 08.44.23

2016-04-17 08.46.03

2016-04-17 08.46.33

2016-04-17 08.47.20

2016-04-17 08.47.49

2016-04-17 08.48.26

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