Chrysanthemum bowl Yaozhou (type)

This charming bowl is thinly potted, and has a nice ring to it when tapped. It has a moulded decor of chrysantemums, covered in a green glaze. The outside is carved with lines. On the bottom there is white kilngrit stuck in the glaze. Some iron spots in the inside.


The bowl is 11 cm in diameter and originates from the Graem Hanson collection. The theme and look of the bowl is typical Yaozhou kiln. The color and quality of the glaze makes it possible that it comes from a lesser kiln, or is inspired by a Yaozhou piece. Dating is Song to Jin dynasties.


Possible other kilns are Linru or  Guangdong or Guangxi.


Christies sold a very similar piece as being Yaozhou, Sale 2553 in 2012.


It shows all signs of a period piece, such as the kilngrit, the slightly sloping cut of the foot, the modelling of the decor, the glaze bubbles, and subtle scratching of the inside.


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