Waterdropper, help needed.

Dear reader, I bought this waterdropper because I liked it. Now it turns out to be difficult to determine exactly what it is. So can anyone help me in finding out age and origin ?waterdropper1 It measures 9 cm. and is made from a light brown clay. The glaze is brown, and shows signs of wear, and has little chips. It could be a shipwreck Yue piece, because it looks quite a bit like the glaze on my Yue ewer.                                                                                 waterdropper2I found two possible leads on the origin, both of them lead to excavations in Indonesia possibly Java. I found one example on a commercial site who claims it to be Yue ware from the Jin dynasty, and that there is an example in the Shanghai museum. The other lead is that it is an Annamese piece, from a reliable source.
waterdropper3 waterdropper4 waterdropper5Any help is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Waterdropper, help needed.

  1. That is a real cutie-patootie you have there.

    Possibly Khmer style and Khmer made Angkor Wat period or area? Or for Angkor, or Khmer but made by Jin in China? The folkish treatment and incising plus the glaze color, wear and foot trimming of the buff stoneware makes me think so. I see some similarities so will hedge my bets and say Maybe 🙂

    …’I bought this waterdropper because I liked it’…The best reason to buy! My favorite finds are the ones that lead me to new research, new realms and new obsessions…..

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