Qingbai brushwasher

Sometimes you get lucky, as a result from endless grazing the internet. This beautiful small dish was presented at an auctionhouse, and I was the only bidder. What a bargain.

  It measures 11 cms across and 1,7 cms high. It is thin walled and high-fired, wear according to age. Which is Southern Song dynasty 12/13 th century. This dish was made in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi  province, and is mostly described as a brushwasher.

 The bottom is glazed, because this dish was fired upside down. Hence the unglazed rim. The glaze is known as Qingbai, or Jinqing, and covers a whitish porelain body. It is incised with a peony pattern, which is done in the clay before glazing.

 It is so thin walled that is translucent, when helt against a light.

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