Cizhou bowl, Jin dynasty

I bought this bowl at a local auction house. For me it was the best deal of that year. The auctioneer made a mistake and sold it far below the minimal price. It came even with a good provenance; a top dealer from Amsterdam.

2016-04-06 09.07.00

The bowl has a diameter of 18 cm, and stands 7,6 cm high. A brown glaze coats the brown/gray clay, appearing caramel when thin, and black when thick. Three brown marks in iron oxide in the inside. The bowl shows a ‘hare’s fur’ in the glaze. The clay is quite coarse, but feels smooth and oily.

2016-04-06 09.08.05

These bowls are described as Northern black ware of Cizhou type, Jin dynasty 12th-early 13th century. The bowl was dipped in the glaze, and when dried the brown markings were put on. They were probably made in Hebei or Henan province.

2016-04-06 09.09.13

This shape of deep bowl is sometimes called Bo.

The random scratching of the glaze is a good way to determine authentic wares from the fakes. These fakes are sometimes scratched, using sanding paper, which appear in more or less regular patterns.

These bowls were turned on a potters Wheel.

2 thoughts on “Cizhou bowl, Jin dynasty

  1. Are you still convinced that this bowl ist not a fake? I bought a quite similar bowl also
    coming from the Netherlands. It appears to me very strange that this type of ceramics
    are trade eseccially in Holland.

    1. This bowl is 100% o.k. It has a good provenance, and has all the good signs for being old. There are a only a few dealers in Holland I trust. Auctionhouses are very problematic. You can sent me pictures and info from your piece to me, I ‘m happy to take a look.

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