Liao lozenge shape dish

This charming dish is from the Liao dynasty; 907-1125 AD. It measures 26 x 15 cm and stands only 2 cm high. It is crude and heavy potted from a brown, coarse clay. It is covered in a green shiny glaze, which is very finely crazed.

The clay was impressed with a pattern of three flowers and a leaf-like pattern. A lot of these wares are sancai glazed, but the green ones are also documented.

It looks like it was stacked upon two round shapes in the kiln. The shape derives from Tang dynasty metalware, and is likely to be shaped in a mould.

The rim is thick, for earthenware it is quite high fired, as is typical for Liao pottery. When tapped the pitch is surprisingly clear and high.

A magnified close up reveals the crazing of the glaze. I had the bowl handled by an experienced dealer, who declared it to be of the period, as did the seller (of course)

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