Yue yao ewer, five dynasties / Northern Song

This is a ewer of 14 cm high, with a green Yue type Celadon glaze, the dating is 5 dynasties/Northern Song dynasty (907- 976 aD)

The piece is likely from the Cirabon shipwreck. It is in a good condition, although the seller pointed out some touch ups, but I can hardly see them.

The Yue glaze was made with a recipe using wood-ash, clay and possibly small amounts of limestone. Yue ware originated in the Yue kilns of Northern Zhejiang, then called  “Yuezhou”.

 This name goes back to the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BCE). Yue ware was first manufactured in the 2nd century CE.

 The glaze is degraded because of long time water-burial. The piece is a lovely example of a basic Yue glaze.

collection-nr 04-2012

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