Set of miniature Qingbai dishes

This is a set of five qingbai dishes. They date to the Song dynasty,960-1279 aD.
They are very small, about 7 cm in diameter. They are clearly a set, with the same lobes, a vague line around the bottom, and an impressed image in the centre. The white paste burned orange on some of them. They are light, but not translucent as some other qingbai wares. The glaze on some of them is crazed. They come from a large private collection auctioned of by an american dealer. Sets of qingbai pieces are relatively rare. It is a possibility that they are offering dishes, for symbolic food offerings. Although they would look quit fancy on an elaborate dinner table.

set21 set22 set23 set24 set25 set26

collection-nr. 03-2014

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