Song/Yuan Longquan bowl with glaze crackle

This little bowl of only 9 cm. is a Southern Song/Yuan Longquan
piece. It is made from an orange burnt pottery. It was excavated in
Kalimantan, Indonesia. The matt green glaze is covered with orange
colored crackles. The shape is strong, and it is in perfect condition.



There was a debate on this piece whether it was a Guan type Longquan or not. The products that are catalogued as Longquan Guan are two:a clear body type with no crackles at all and a greenish blue glaze, and a dark body type with very fine crackle produced at Xikou and Dayao. So the conclusion probably is that this dish is a Longquan dish with a crackle which is stained by the orange soil it was buried in.


This piece comes from a collector, a local businessman in Banjarmasin, Kalimantan ( Borneo ), Indonesia and this businessman during several decades did collect nearly everything which came to the daylight in south and central Kalimantan. He never did sell anything of his large collection of some hundreds of pieces. After he died some years ago his wife and his sons started to sell pieces from the collection.

So the piece has a good provenance, and is very pretty. But the hunt for a Guan piece is still on.

 collection-nr 07-2012

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