Song/Yuan dynasty Dehua plates

Sometimes it is the hardest to find something out about the more ‘simple’ pieces. But after some digging I found a good reference for these plates  in the Mak.Frankfurt.

2016-03-30 18.50.36

I bought these pieces separately, both in local antique shops. The smallest one, 10 cm in diameter, and 2,5 cm high is the whitest of the two. The larger one is 12 cm by 4 cm height. They are both made from a clear white, powdery pottery, covered in a white/ off white glaze, except for the bottom and the wiped off rim. The both have a raised lotus pattern on the side.The glaze is finely crazed.

2016-03-30 18.47.53

They were made during the Song/Yuan period  13-14th centuries. They were made in Fujian in the Dehua kilns. It is said they were to imitate the Ding wares from the northern Song. But the thick potted wares obviously do not hit that mark. But they are charming non-the-less.

2016-03-30 18.48.29

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