Yuan dynasty Cizhou plate.

This small dish is a cizhou underglaze decorated dish. The dish is dated Yuan dynasty,1271- 1368 aD. There are five grit adherence spots on the footrim as on the inside, so these dishes were simply stacked on top of each other when fired.


These grid marks are typical for the Yuan wares and some later Ming pieces too. The decoration is painted over a white slip in an iron oxide, which is brown/black.


The size is 12,2 cm across. There is some obvious fritting on the rim, probably because of the lower firing temperature. The decoration is probably a Chinese character in grass-script, possibly meaning¬†“Fragrant, scented, sweet smelling”. (thanks to Simon)


This picture shows the clay, white slip, and the clear glaze.


I recieved this dish as a gift for my birthday from my parents.

collection-nr 08-2014


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