This blog is about a growing collection of early Chinese ceramics. The area of collecting is anything before the Ming dynasty. As an artist I collect with an eye for beauty, and with a limited budget. The area is vast, but I try to slowly fill in gap after gap. Knowing that some pieces never will be reachable. Important to me is that the pieces are genuine rather than spectacular.

Giel Louws

10 thoughts on “About

  1. dear sir,

    I am Tonny yuswanto from Indonesia. Here I have a nice ge yau bowl of Ming-cing dynasty for sale.

    the dimesnion of the bowl is 14cm/D in good condition.

    I have also the yuan-ming dynasty double goard red glaze stoneware Vase for sale. The dimesnion of the vase is 27 cms/H
    the vase is in good condition.

    the Ming dynasty blue and white dish, the dimension is 20 cms/D in good condition.

    if you are interesting please contact me for the detail


    V Tonny yuswanto
    Jl. ikan Tongkol no 51
    Tambakrejo waru sidoarjo 61256

  2. Hello There – I have an unusual pot / planter that I am trying to identify.. I have been unable to find anything resembling this piece on the internet – however the glaze style is reminiscent of sancai tri-colore – it is very old looking and bares some imperfections.

    I would be very grateful for any assistance you could offer or any direction you could point me in order find more information.

    many kind regards,

  3. lieve Giel, nu pas dringt het tot me door, nadat ik alles bekeken heb, hoe uitgebreid en hoe wondermooi je collectie is! Ik ben er ook erg trots op, dat je dit opgebouwd hebt en hoe! Je blog ziet er fantastisch uit! liefs, ma

  4. Dear Mr. Louws,

    Auction House Helander is having a auction this upcoming weekend, and we have some Items I think you might be interested in. I would like to e-mail you to give you more information, but I could not find your e-mail address. Please contact us.

    Best regards
    Jenny Sirén (Marketing manager)

  5. Thank you for a great blog. I acquired a tenmoku-glaze bowl at a fleamarket about a year ago believing it to be modern swedish (allthough it certainly looked worn and old-ish). Since then i have come to believe that it might be ancient chinese, in the song tradition, maybe optimistically.

    The bowl has a left out ring of unglazed ware on the inside which looks like it may have hosted another bowl piled on it during firing – a feature i remember seing on some occasion connected to song-dynasty ware. Do you know if this feature has a name and if it’s typical of any specific tradition/kiln/period?

    Sorry for bothering you with theese obnoxious questions but your blog gives such a good impression of your knowledge 🙂

    /Mats from Sweden

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