For Sale


liao2.1 Green glaze flask, decorated with 2 cranes and two dragons. I think this is Zhangzhou ware16th-17th century, Ming dynasty. Origin: Zhangzhou kilns, Fujian province, China. This is not my speciality but Ming date seems sure. The flask has some old chips to the rim, no cracks, height 12 cm.


100 euro excluding shipping and packing (at cost)


Three dishes, greyish earthenware, thinly potted. Covered in a brown glaze diameter 9 to 10 cm. Good condition. Probably from Tek Sing wreck, and thus dated ca 1822. Lovely pieces, especially in a set.


70 euro’s excluding packing and shipping (at cost)

This is a head of a Tang dynasty (618-906 a.d.) attendant. It is 6 cm. high and was once part of a burial-figure. It is made of a typical tang white/pink porous earthenware. Good provenance from an english Archeology professor. Excellent reference piece for a (starting) collector. Re-glued at the line where the two halves were stuck together when the piece came out of the mould

50 euro’s excluding packing and shipping (at cost)

DSC01379 DSC01380DSC01381


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