The ceramics shown on this blog belong to a private collection. The collection focusses on Chinese ceramics dating before the Ming dynasty. The intention is to build a collection that shows the history of Chinese ceramics. There are obviously many gaps in the collection due to the vast area it concerns, and the limited budget of the collector. Many of the pieces are not the top quality items, but the collector is more interested in the pieces being genuine. The choice for a new addition to the collection is a combination of filling gaps, the beauty or importance of a piece, or running into a good deal. When building a collection the knowledge is key, and in areas this knowledge is lacking it is better to buy from trusted sources. A good purchase can be a source of unduring joy, and is worth saving up for, or waiting for the right opportunity to buy it. Building an interesting collection does not mean you have to be wealthy, just choose the right focus for the collection, and be relentless about authenticity. Make sure to buy the right reference books and catalogues, and bookmark websites from museum websites. Other great resources are the forum, and the facebook page earlychineseceramics .